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Thursday, June 9, 2011


And that means they are big enough to reach the hole!
She can reach in to feed them without going inside today!

We counted four beaks so far. The mama is so busy feeding them.

They look like they are kept in the dark, all ghostly looking.
Today the Northern Flicker baby birds in the cavity of the Birch tree across the street are big enough to be seen during feeding time! Look at this video of the Mother Northern Flicker feeding a bunch of babies! I won't get into a long description of it, the pictures say it all...

They squawk & sound exactly like the parents sound, only tiny.
Almost all, except that the sound is hard to hear over the traffic of the city, and really surprisingly loud! They sound just like their parent's mating call, except they sound really tiny. But you can recognize the Flicker call coming out of the cavity of the Birch tree.

Baby waits for his mama to begin the jack hammer feeding.

After feeding female Northern Flicker leaves the cavity.

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  1. found your blog from a post on twitter and glad i did! i am sure to be back! thanks for sharing such great pix & stories! :) have a wonderful day!!