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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jericho walkabout...

Totem photo by jillC of chris'cookies!
Vancouver is a great place to meet all sorts of people. On a sunny day, after seven or eight months of rain, we are so grateful to the burning orange god that we take to nature one and all... sea to sky to bask in the glory. I really liked the documentary Zeitgeist. I really liked how it explained the things I have always thought, like how the Son and the Sun are one in the same. It's terrible that there are wars over religion and over territories. We are all one. Period, the negotiating is over. You kill this planet, you kill yourself and all of us - it's a house of cards. Like how money is bullshit but you need it to survive or do serious good in the world, like Oprah. Well, it's easier to reach a wider audience - I am very aware that little folks have made great changes since jeebus himself walked among the lepers and the whores.
Today we planned on focusing on the dogs for the morning and having a good romp and play. We left early because we knew it was going to be a hot one. I always bring my camera and got a few pictures in along the way... today we met a stranger. He was quite a character. He told us his name is Daniel and that he is from America. I asked him if I could take a photo of his drum, because it has a beautiful painting on it and he agreed.
Then I got he rest of his story as I took photos of him and his drum. Apparently he is just visiting here from the States, not sure where. He painted and made this drum and stick. He is used to riding around on horseback where he's from and said it takes him forever to get anywhere without a horse under him. He was a really nice, and interesting person. I am glad we chatted. In spite of his intoxication, he was charming and had a really wonderful energy... 

     I love that the first nations people communicate through storytelling and art that is all encompassing of nature and mother earth. It feels right to worship the planet and the universe and to respect it.
     I think that there is so much that we need to get back to in order to move forward. We spend a lot of time walking the dogs or out riding our bikes. We interact with people and talk to our neighbours, and often to strangers. Eliza calls it yellow dogging. It brings us closer together, and closer to nature.
     I don't think the birds would land on our hands the way they do without the piece of mind that we have and the gentleness we feel for them. 
     Eliza and I both grew up with horses & ponies on small farms. You learn about animals pretty fast from horses because you have no choice. They are big. To get it done your way, you have to first understand their nature, their way. Dogs adapt to people for the most part, but horses need to be understood and respected on a different level of intimacy.
     I asked Daniel if he had a dog, he does. He couldn't travel with it so he left it with a good friend. He said it was the only one he missed. I knew he was not talking about the friend, he was talking about the dog. People with pets seem to be more connected to each other and the planet. Animal lovers already have learned to care about something other than themselves. Something that requires their patience and actually depends on them for survival for their whole lives. Kids can grow up and in most case can live an independent life. A pet needs you forever. It's a commitment that literally means forever... you are forced to be a better person just because of that.
     Yesterday a young Page named Brigette Marcelle stood up during the Throne Speech and walked through the room carrying a stop sign that said, STOP HARPER. She was escorted from the House, and subsequently lost her job.  I saw many tweets when it happened, politicians saying she can kiss her career goodbye. Later CTV, a national news station caught up with her for a statement.
     Kiss it goodbye? I say she can kiss a big champagne bottle to celebrate the birth of her already established career as a champion for the people, and for Canada. 
I send her love and light and good energy. I hope she is the inspiration that ignites this country, then this continent into Stopping. We all need to chill out and get back to nature and have a walkabout. Like Daniel. There's a famous quote, I actually have a sticker of it on the front of my desktop. It says, "Well behaved women rarely make history."(Laurel Thatcher Ulrich)  
Brigette Depape proved that wrong. She is a very well behaved young woman. And I am proud of her. I bet she has pets. I bet she grew up with a dog.

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  1. I missed this one first time round, glad I caught up.

    What a beautiful drum... so good that you had the opportunity and character to see beyond the intoxication and enjoy a good experience.