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Friday, May 13, 2011

Redwinged Blackbird, You were always waiting for your moment...

This will be short and sweet because of a few glitches happening on BLOGGER. My Crow post from yesterday disappeared and I am not sure if this one holds a similar fate so, that said - the wonderful topic of the Red Winged Blackbird & all it's delights will be revisited.
Here are a few pictures of these delightful and wonderful songbirds. I have always heard their delightful calls, and never really thought to see who was singing it. I have always loved birds, but never thought to learn any more about them than they presented to me as I walked under them, watching them fly, or roost in branches. It always surprises me to discover that there are a lot of birds that actually nest on the ground, and not just birds protected by water. Birds like certain owls, and vultures nest in burrows on the ground!
The Red Winged Blackbird nests in the rushes in ponds and bogs. That makes for some really beautiful photography for us. The males with their black feathers against the dried reeds with he flash of scarlet is stunning to watch.

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